Menu for Uni Sushi Bar and Restauarnt for Dining in The Woodlands near Houston.

Uni Sushi
Sushi Bar
9595 Six Pines #860
The Woodlands, TX 77380
Phone: 281-298-7177

Uni Sushi allows you and your guests to take a seat their sushi bar and enjoy a wonderful meal.


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Salads & Soups


Lunch Bentos

Dinner Entrees

Specialty Rolls

Sushi & Sashimi

Lickety Split Roll, Split Bone-in Rib-Eye, and Spicy Tuna and Salmon at Uni Sushi!


Mon-Tuesday: 11am - 9pm
Weds-Thurs: 11am - 10pm
Friday: 11am - 11pm
Saturday: 12noon - 11pm
Sun: 12noon - 9pm
Full Service Bar
Wine List

For the best quality in food and served, let Uni Sushi cater your next event. For more information, call us.


Thurs. nights at the Market Street Square

Patio Dining
Covered Parking & Valet Available
Take Out Available

All Major Credit Cards







traditional miso
tofu, fresh seaweed, mushroom, green onion, miso broth

chicken miso
chicken, mushroom, orzo pasta, cilantro, miso broth

tomato basil
chicken, mushroom, orzo pasta, cilantro, tomato basil soup

avocado miso
grilled shrimp, onion strings, grape tomato, masago, togarashi, cilantro, creamy avocado miso


side salad
field greens, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot, parmesan shaving, crispy wonton, choice of creamy miso or ginger vinaigrette

seaweed salad
sesame oil-infused seaweed salad, lemon, onion strings

squid salad
squid, field greens, sweet vinaigrette

sashimi salad
tuna, salmon, avocado, fresh fruit, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot, parmesan shaving, crispy wonton, creamy miso

grilled chicken salad
chicken breast, field greens, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot, parmesan shaving, crispy wonton, creamy miso

grilled salmon salad
grilled Scottish salmon, field greens, cucumber, grape tomato, carrot, parmesan shaving, crispy wonton, creamy miso

cucumber salad
cucumber, sesame seeds, sweet citrus sauce, edible orchid

sunomono salad
cucumber, seaweed, sesame seeds, salmon, tuna, seabass, kani kama, sweet citrus sauce


Enjoy our unique appetizers!


cool starts

seafood ceviche
shrimp, kani kama, mango salsa, panko-crusted avocado, asparagus spears, grilled spiced prawns

hamachi jalapeno
yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro, parmesan, ponzu

gyu tataki
rare-seared beef, daikon-carrot salad, ponzu

kobe beef hibachi
american wagyu, black pepper, yakitori sauce (self-seared table side on a hot rock)

tuna carpaccio
yellowfin tuna, salt, pepper, celery-onion salad, garlic chip, san baizu, negi oil

tuna tar tarte
yellowfin tuna, garlic, onion, soy tobiko, quail egg, sesame oil, wonton shell, wasabi ranch, rice

goat cheese tuna
yellowfin tuna, avocado, goat cheese, seaweed, cucumber, sweet citrus sauce


hot bites

steamed soybean, sea salt

macaroni gratin
shrimp lobster, macaroni, white cheddar, japanese breadcrumb, parsley

pork belly steamed buns
kurabota pork belly, japanese sweet bun, cucumber kimchee, hoisin sauce, thai chili

baked avocado
avocado, crab, shrimp, parmesan cheese, ponzu, spicy mayo, negi, masago

brussels bites
fried brussels sprouts, fish caramel, onion, jalapeno, herbs, sweet bun crouton

agedashi tofu
fried tofu, dashi, grated ginger and daikon, togarashi, negi, katsuobushi flakes

shrimp tempura tacos
shrimp tempura, mango pico de gallo, flour tortiila, miso guacamole

rib-eye beef rolls
shaved rib-eye, avocado, japanese ham, teriyaki glaze

pork dumpling, negi, sesame seeds, lemongrass sauce (steamed or pan seared)

sirloin yakitori
sirloin, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, yakitori sauce

ginger whole fish fry
headless fish, rice, ponzu, citrus, cucumber

chicken karaage
fried chicken bites, herbs, jalapeno, onion, thai chili vinaigrette

lobster shrimp rolls
lobster, shrimp, crab, negi, cream cheese, eggroll skin, jalapeno puree, tempura sauce


All bentos are served with steamed rice with furikake, vegetable tempura or steamed vegetables (except *), and miso soup or a lunch salad.

chilean seabass
baked chilean seabass, sweet miso sauce

combination yakitori
shrimp, sirloin, chicken, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, yakitori sauce

chicken curry katsu
chicken, japanese breadcrumb, jalapeno curry gravy

chipotle salmon
baked Scottish salmon, miso chipotle

shrimp and scallop
pan sauteed shrimp and scallop, soy butter, garlic, jalapeno

firecracker chicken
chicken, snow pea, bell pepper, carrot, onion, house chili sauce

combination tempura
shrimp, scallop, chicken, tempura fried

rib-eye beef rolls
shaved rib-eye, avocado, yam, teriyaki glaze

marinated sirloin steak
petite cut sirloin, soy, garlic, grilled

teriyaki chicken
chicken breast, teriyaki reduction

sushi combination
1 piece each: tuna, salmon, escolar, shrimp, california kani kama roll (no substitutions)

Spicy Tuna and Salmon



Enjoy the best Sushi in town! Don't forget to order your favorite drink with your meal!


all entrees are served with steamed rice and a choice of vegetable tempura or Asian vegetable sauté (except *).

sauteed shrimp and scallop
shrimp, scallop, soy butter, garlic, jalapeno

rib-eye beef rolls
shaved rib-eye, avocado, yam, teriyaki glaze

chilean sea bass
chilean sea bassm braised leek, crisped onion string, apple-miso remoulade

chipotle salmon
socttish salmon, miso chipotle sauce

yaki udon
rib-eye, tempura shrimp, udon noodle, carrot, snow pea, bell pepper, onion, olive oil soy

firecracker chicken
chicken, chili sauce, carrot, snow pea, bell pepper, onion

teriyaki chicken
chicken breast, teriyaki reduction

The cuisine is just as tasty as it is colorful!!


yuka 14
shrimp tempura and avocado topped with a layer of fresh salmon and a layer of spicy tuna accented with our signature sauces

the angry dragon 9
yellowtail, jalapeños and cilantro in nori, rolled in habanero tobiko and accented with a splash of ponzu sauce

lickety split 15
spicy tuna, softshell crab, cucumbers and sprouts topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, japanese mayo, eel sauce and spicy pepper paste

beef fajita 8
seasoned sirloin, onions and bell pepper rolled in sesame soy paper

surf & turf 12
thin slices of American kobe beef with asparagus and crab, wrapped in sesame soy paper, drizzled with our kenobi yakitori sauce, seared and accented with chives

watch your butt 11
tuna katsu inside topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese, freshly sliced jalapeños and spicy pepper paste

scuba diver 10
soft shell crab, cucumbers and spicy mayo topped with tuna, salmon, avocado and spicy pepper paste

brendy 9
smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado & shrimp tempura in nori; flash tempura fried and topped with eel sauce

U & I  12
lobster tempura & cream cheese inside, with escolar and avocado on top, accented with eel sauce and spicy mayo

spiro 10
spicy tuna inside, topped with fresh salmon, avocado and spicy pepper paste

millennium 10
spicy tuna inside, topped with peppercorn tuna & avocado, then drizzled with sesame oil & ponzu sauce

7 & 1/2 ... 13
tuna, escolar, salmon, masago and avocado rolled in nori, flash tempura fried and finished with eel sauce, spicy pepper paste and japanese mayo

tiger eye 8
smoked salmon, fresh jalapeño and cream cheese in nori, flash tempura fried, accented with masago and wrapped in sesame soy paper

rainbow 12
crab, cucumber and avocado topped with an assortment of fresh fish

shaggy dog 10
shrimp tempura & cucumbers inside, covered with kani kama, spicy pepper paste & japanese mayo

caterpillar 11
baked freshwater eel with sliced avocado on top and garnished with a shrimp, sesame seeds and eel sauce

alfredo roll 15
shrimp tempura, cucumber, jalapeno & cream cheese wrapped in sesame soy paper. Topped w/peppercorn tuna & avocado accented w/our 3 signature sauces & sriracha sauce

There is a risk associated w/consuming raw oysters or any raw animal protein. If you have chronic illness of the liver, stomach, blood or have immune disorders you are at great risk of illness from consuming raw fish/shellfish & should eat fish/shellfish fully cooked. If you are unsure or your risk, consult your physician.




Yellow Fin Tuna (maguro)
Albacore White Tuna (bincho)
Black Peppercorn Tuna
Fresh salmon (sake)
Smoked Salmon (nama sake)
Sea Bass (suzuki)
Yellowtail (hamachi)
Fresh Mackerel (saba)
Escolar (aburasokomutsu)
Fresh Water Eel (unagi)
Saltwater Eel (anago)
Shrimp (ebi)
Sweet Shrimp (amaebi)
Crab (kani kama)
Snow Crab (kani)
Whole Scallop (hotate)
Chopped Scallop
Spicy Chopped Scallop
Squid (ika)
Octopus (tako)
Red Tipped Clam (hokkigai)
Smelt Roe (masago)
Salmon Roe (ikura)
Flying Fish Roe (tobiko)
Wasabi Infused Tobiko
Soy Infused Tobiko
Habanero Infused Tobiko
Softshell Crab
Sashimi Combo
1 oz. each of:  salmon, tuna, escolar, yellowtail
Hand Rolls & Rolls
Shrimp Tempura
shrimp tempura, cucumber, sprouts, japanese mayo, masago
Softshell Crab (spider)
softshell crab, cucumber, sprouts, japanese mayo, masago
California (Kani Kama)
kani kama, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds
California (Snow Crab)
snow crab, cucumber avocado, sesame seeds
smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, sesame seeds
Yellow Fin Tuna (maguro)
avocado, cucumber, asparagus, yamagobo, sprouts, sesame seeds
Fresh Salmon (sake)
Salmon Skin
salmon, skin, cucumber, yamagobo, sprouts, bonito flakes, sesame seeds
Yellowtail (hamachi)
yellowtail, green onion, masago
Scallop (hotate)
scallop, japanese mayo, masago, green onion
Octopus (tako)
octopus, japanese mayo, green onion
Shrimp & Asparagus
boiled shrimp, asparagus, sesame seeds
Freshwater Eel (unagi)
unagi, eel sauce, sesame seeds
Saltwater Eel (anago)
anago, eel sauce, sesame seeds
Escolar (Aburasokomutsu)
escolar, garlic chips
avocado, sesame seeds
Modern Makinono
spicy kani kama, cucumber, avocado, masago, soft shell crab, sweet pepper paste, eel sauce, hybrid sauce
spicy tuna, peppercorn tuna, avocado, sesame oil, ponzu
Lickety Split
spicy tuna, softshell crab, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cucumber, sprouts, avocado, eel sauce, sweet pepper paste, japanese mayo
Watch Your Butt
tuna katsu, smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno, sweet pepper paste
Surf & Turf
american kobe beef, crab, asparagus, negi, kenobi yakitori sauce, sesame soy paper
freshwater eel, avocado, shrimp, sesame seed, eel sauce
crab, cucumber, avocado, assortment of fish
kani kama tempura, avocado, jalapeno, cream cheese, spicy salmon, eel sauce, sweet pepper paste, tempura tidbits
7 & 1/2
tuna, escolar, salmon, masago, avocado, flash tempura fried, eel sauce, japanese mayo, sweet pepper paste
Scuba Diver
softshell crab, cucumber, tuna, salmon, avocado, sweet pepper paste
smoked salmon, shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, flash tempura fired, eel sauce
Shaggy Dog
shrimp tempura, kani kama, cucumber, togarashi, sweet pepper paste, japanese mayo
Tiger Eye
smoked salmon, jalapeno, cream cheese, masago, flash tempura fried, sesame soy paper
spicy kani kama, tuna, salmon, escolar, avocado, sesame soy paper, japanese mayo, jalapeno puree (no rice or seaweed)
spicy tuna, salmon, avocado, sweet pepper paste
shrimp tempura, peppercorn tuna, jalapeno, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado, sriracha, 3 signature sauces
Angry Dragon
yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro, ponzu, habanero-infused tobiko
shrimp tempura, fresh salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, eel sauce, sweet pepper paste, japanese mayo
U & I
lobster tempura, cream cheese, avocado, escolar, eel sauce, spicy mayo, sesame seed



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