Our Sakitinis are the perfect drink to pair with our cuisine.

Menu for Sang's Imperial Cafe Restaurant for Dining in Corpus Christi, Texas

Our Bar serves wine, beer and sakitinis.  

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House Specials

Paht See Eew  14

Tender chicken or beef sauteed with thick rice noodles, bean
sprouts, onions, bell peppers, broccoli and basil

Triple Taste Tilapia  16

Crispy tilapia topped with sauteed onions, tomatoes, and
bell peppers in a zesty and vibrant sauce

Steamed Shiitake Tilapia  16

Hearty steamed tilapia topped with sauteed Japanese
shiitake mushrooms in a feather light sauce, proven to be
a powerful antioxidant and great for longevity.

Drunken Noodle   Lunch 12 Dinner 14

Stir fried noodles with chicken, beef, shrimp, bell
peppers, and fresh basil. A crowd favorite

Salmon Mango Curry  16

7 oz fried salmon in a savory red curry sauce with
mangos, bell peppers, onions and avocado
topped with a scallion bouquet

Nem  16

Crunchy Thai rice salad tossed with chicken or tofu, ginger,
coconut, lime, crushed peanuts, onions and
scallions served with lettuce on the side


Thai Entrees
Dishes available with vegetables, or tofu instead of meat.
Add/Sub Shrimp to any Dish $3.50

Paht Phet  Lunch 12  Dinner 14

Popular thickened coconut based red curry dish with
chicken or beef, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, green
beans, bell peppers, and fresh basil.

Khao Tom  Lunch 10 Dinner 13

A pleasantly light rice soup with chicken, shrimp and
fresh vegetables. Great remedy for when you're under
the weather.

Imperial Saute  Lunch 11 Dinner 14

Chicken or beef sauteed with broccoli, carrots,
cauliflower, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, and
a light brown sauce.

Kiss Me, Ginger!   Lunch 11 Dinner 14

Chicken or beef sauteed with bell peppers, mushrooms,
carrots and onions in a savory ginger sauce.

Stir Fry Tofu with Garlic and Peppers  14

Sauteed garlic, bell peppers, and bean sprouts with
crispy fried tofu in a light brown sauce.

Gaeng Phet Sapparot  15

Lightly spiced pineapple and coconut based red
curry stew with chicken, bamboo shoots, green beans,
bell peppers, and fresh aromatic basil.
An unforgettable dish.

Thai Red Curry  Lunch 12 Dinner 14

Red stew style Thai curry with chicken or beef,
bell peppers, bamboo shoots, green beans,
mushrooms and basil.

Paht Savanh  Lunch 11 Dinner 14

Sauteed chicken or beef with bell peppers, onions,
and carrots in a dynamic version of our sweet
and sour sauce.

Thai Fried Rice  Lunch 10 Dinner 13

Fried rice with chicken or beef, green peas, corn,
carrots, and scallions served with a side of
sliced cucumber.

Teriyaki  Lunch 10 Dinner 13

Tender sliced chicken breast or beef glazed with
teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds and served with a
delicious side salad and steamed rice.



Noodling Entrees
*** Now served with FRESH Rice Noodles***
These YUMMY Noodles are fresh and more chewy just
like back in Asia.  Extra Noodle $2.
Available with Vegetables or Tofu instead of meat.
Add/Sub Shrimp to any Dish $3.50

Paht Thai   Lunch 10 Dinner 13

A very popular rice noodle dish stir fried with
chicken or beef, topped with crushed roasted peanuts
and scallions with bean sprouts on the side.

Kwaytiow Hang   Lunch 10 Dinner 13

Sauteed chicken or beef with full-flavored rice noodles
and steamed vegetables topped with fried garlic
and scallions.

Kwaytiow Laht Nah  15

Chicken or beef sauteed with broccoli, mushrooms,
and carrots in a savory thickened brown sauce
over tasty stir fried noodles.

Vietnamese Noodle and Homemade Egg Roll 
Lunch 10  Dinner 13

Refreshing Southeast Asian flavored chicken or beef,
bean sprouts, cucumber, cilantro crusted peanuts,
and carrots highlight this popular Vietnamese dish.

Thai Noodle  Lunch 10 Dinner 13

Thin round rice noodles with chicken, ginger,
lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, bean sprouts, scallions,
carrots and cucumber in a savory red curry broth.
Simply delicious.

Paht Woonsen  Lunch 10 Dinner 13

Very healthy bean thread (clear) noodles sauteed with
a chicken or beef, broccoli, bean sprouts, cauliflower,
napa cabbage and carrots in a light savory house
sauce topped with scallions.





Cheesecake  5

Assorted flavors. Add Ice Cream $1.50

Tempura Banana's with Ice Cream  9

Piece of Love  9

heart melting tempura ice cream
set ablaze with Bacardi 151.

Chocolate Cake  5
Add Ice Cream $1.50
Ice Cream (assorted flavors)  5



Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.


Main Menu Page | Appetizers, Soups & Salads | Sushi & Sashimi, House Rolls


Sang's Imperial CAFE, 4650 Corona Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
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