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Rogan Josh
(serves 4) from Indian Summer in Monterey, California
2  lb. diced boneless lamb leg 1  lb red tomatoes, chopped
6  oz. Desi Ghee or oil 2  T. ginger paste
10  green cardamom, whole 3  T. garlic paste
2  black cardamom, whole 1  T. ginger, finely chopped
2  bay leaves 1  T. garlic, finely chopped
3  cloves 1  tsp. red chili powder
3  oz. thick, plain yogurt 1  T. cilantro, ground
3/4  lb. onions (preferably red), chopped 1/2  T. white pepper powder
Salt, to taste Ground cumin, to taste
  • Heat Ghee or oil.  Add all cardamom.  Fry for 20 seconds.
  • Add chopped onions.  Fry until golden brown.
  • Add ginger paste and garlic paste.  Cook until mixture is dry.
  • Add ground cilantro, red chili powder and white pepper powder.  Mix well.
  • Add diced lamb and salt.  Mix well, remove from fire.
  • Add yogurt.  Return to fire.  Mix thoroughly.  Keep adding 2 oz. of water while cooking.  Give it 2-3 boils.
  • Add chopped tomato, ginger and garlic.  Cook on low fire checking often to see if meat is cooked.
  • When done, add ground cumin.  Garnish with cilantro and serve.

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