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Rock Shrimp Martini

from Executive Chef James McDonald
of I'o and Pacific'O restaurants on Maui, Hawaii
(Serves 8-10)

2 lb. fresh Rock Shrimp   2 oz. vodka
3/4 c. fresh lime juice   Yellow tomato coulis (recipe follows)
Olive Swizzles, garnish (recipe follows)   lime wedges, garnish
1 c mango, diced   1 avocado, diced
3/4 c red onion, julienned 1/2 c green olives, sliced
1 c pineapple, diced coarse sea salt
  • Marinate shrimp with lime juice for 15 minutes.
  • Drain the shrimp and mix with tomato coulis and vodka.
  • Add mango, pineapple, olives, red onion and avocado.
  • Place in martini glass and serve with lime wedges and olive swizzles.
  • Sprinkle with sea salt.
Yellow Tomato Coulis Ingredients:
2 c yellow tomatoes, peeled and chopped   1/2 c cilantro, rough chopped
4 Tbsp. horseradish   5 cloves roasted garlic
1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil   1 tsp. sugar
4 serrano chili, chopped   1/2 tsp. pepper mix (black, white)
1 t. Kosher salt.
  • Add all to food processor and blend. Reserve chilled.
Olive Swizzles Ingredients:
1 c. green olives, chopped fine   1/2 lb. puff pastry
Egg wash    
  • Lay puff pastry out and spread over surface. Use roller and flatten olives into pastry.
  • Place parchment paper over top to prevent sticking.
  • Cut pastry into half-inch wide strips and twist into swizzles.
  • Brush with egg wash and bake at 350 degrees on a pan lined with parchment paper until golden and crisp.

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