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Coconut Prawns
(serves 6-8)
from the Grill at Ryan Ranch in Monterey, California
Prawns Preparation
Select 4 jumbo prawns
Clean, peel and butterfly. Skewer onto 10" bamboo skewers.
Batter in authentic tempura mix. Roll and crust in a blend of shredded coconut and Japanese-style bread crumbs (panko).
Let the prawns lay carefully on a parchment sheet and freeze for one hour to allow the bonding of the breading and the proper crusting.
Deep fry in a high-quality shortening (canola oil) until crust turns golden brown. Serve with a pineapple glaze and a fresh pineapple wedge.
Pineapple Glaze Ingredients:
Dice one fresh red bell pepper 1/2 small white onion
2 teaspoons seasoned rice wine vinegar 1 teaspoon sambal chili paste
1 sm. can pineapple chunks in natural juice (Hawaiian)
Combine all ingredients in a small pot and simmer and blend with a stick blender. Chill and serve on a plate next to a pineapple wedge (dipping sauce and garnish). Place pineapple skewers with prawns into pineapple wedge so they stand upright for excellent presentation and serve. Bon appetite!

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