Our Casual family dining experience is great for any hungry person. Menu for Pier 99 Restaurant for Dining in Corpus Christi, Texas We love the outdoors...once you visit you'll find out why.  

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Favorite, Classic Fried, Land





U Peel Em Shrimp, Freshly Boiled

1/2 lb - 9.99  1 lb - 16.99

Raw Oysters

1/2 dozen or dozen ... Mkt Price

Snow Crab Clusters

1/2 pound - 11.99    1 lb - 18.99

Blue Crab Cakes 11.99

These crab cakes are all about blue crab.
Hand made in our kitchen, breaded & fried.

Ceviche 10.99

Mouth watering mixture of gulf shrimp and
smoked tuna marinated in citrus blend with
tomatoes, onions and cilantro

Shrimp Diablo * 11.99

Shrimp stuffed with jalapeno, wrapped in
bacon and fried

Calamari 7.99

Rings and tentacles breaded in our special
seasoned cornmeal and fried.

Homemade Fried Onion Strings

Made to order, hand breaded in bread
crumbs and lightly fried
Sm. 3.99  ... Lg 6.99

Fried Mushrooms 6.99

Hand breaded in seasoned flour and fried

Hot Buffalo Wings 10.99

No for the timid!
Steamed Mussels  Mkt Price
In our classic white wine butter sauce.

Classic Shrimp Cocktail  11.99

4 jumbo gulf shrimp




Large House Salad  5.99

A delightful mixture of our heart healthy greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cheddar cheese and croutons
with chicken 8.99 | with shrimp 10.99
with Fresh Catch 14.99

Caesar Salad  6.99

Crisp romaine lettuce topped with croutons and parmesan cheese

with chicken 9.99 | with shrimp 11.39
with Fresh Catch 15.99

Dinner Salad  3.99

Fresh greens with cucumber and tomatoes

Soup of the Day

Prepared fresh daily in our kitchen.
Cup 3.99   Bowl - 5.99

Seafood Gumbo

Mike's thick roux recipe made from scratch.

Cup 4.99   Bowl - 6.99

Macho Gumbo 15.99

A flavorful mixture of grilled fish, boiled shrimp and snow crab atop a heaping bowl of gumbo

Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.



Main Menu Page | Burgers, Sandwiches & Lunch Plates |
Favorite, Classic Fried, Land

Pier 99 Restaurant, 2822 N. Shoreline, Corpus Christi, Texas 78402
Phone 361.887.0764

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