Our patio is a great place to enjoy all of the excellent tastes we offer. Menu for Musashi's Restaurant and Robata Bar for Dining in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our lunch menu is perfect for you whether you are in a hurry or have some time to sit and enjoy with a friend.

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Lobster Shooter

Bite size Lobster meat balls with tropical coconut sauce


Pan fried ground pork and Vegetable Dumplings


Boiled Soy Bean Pods lightly salted

Coconut Shrimp

Panko fried jumbo shrimp with miso aioli

Calamari "Chef Minh Style"

Panko fried calamari with ginger-cocktail sauce
Tuna & Scallion
Choice Sirloin w/ Lime BBQ
Salmon & Scallion
Scallop Bacon
Asparagus Bacon
Yakitori Chicken
Asian Sausage
Duck and Scallion
Shrimp & Pineapple

Kobe Tataki

Kobe beef seared and thinly sliced,
 served with garlic and butter sauce

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad

Black sesame seed seared tuna, spring mix &
housemade goma sauce



Chicken Yakisoba

Japanese stir fired noodle with chicken breast

Beef Yakisoba

Japanese stir fried noodle with rib eye steak

Shrimp Yakisoba

Japanese stir fried noodle with shrimp

Scallop Yakisoba

Japanese stir fried noodle with scallops

Fillet Mignon

Delicious tender Fillet

Steak Special

Teriyaki Steak and Goma Chicken

New York Steak

Delectable Steak cooked to your specifications

Savory Shrimp

Delicate Shrimp caramelized with soy sauce

Grilled Salmon

Fresh Salmon seared to perfection in teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Steak

Thin sliced tender steak glazed with teriyaki sauce

Goma (Sesame) Chicken

Perfect morsels of delectable Chicken

Vegetarian Delight

Vegetables grilled to excellence

Lunch Family Style (for two)

Combination of NY Steak, Shrimp, Chicken,
Fired Rice and Green Tea Ice Cream


Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.


Main Menu Page | Dinner | Sushi


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