The Woodlands Roll is an excellent Sushi choice.

Menu for Masa's Sushi and Robata Bar Japanese Restaurant for Dining in The Woodlands Texas

The Chef's Special Shashimi Platter is a great entree.

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EDAMAME - Boiled green soy beans

SHRIMP TEMPURA - Shrimp and vegetables deep fried in Japanese, batter

SEAFOOD TEMPURA - Shrimp, fish, scallops, veg. deep fried in Japanese batter

VEGETABLE TEMPURA - Vegetables deep fried in Japanese batter

AGEDASHI TOFU - Fried bean curd with Japanese condiments and sauce

SOFT SHELL CRAB - Deep soft shell crab served with special sauce

CHICKEN KARA-AGE - Boneless chicken marinated in Japanese sauce and fried

GYOZA - Pan fried Japanese dumplings

BEEF TATAKI - Thin sliced seared beef with special sauce

HIYA YAKKO TOFU - cold tofu

HAMACHI KAMA - Grilled yellow tail jaw

KAKI FRIED - Deep fried oysters with bread crumbs
ASARI SAKEMUSHI - Asari Clams steamed in sake
SABA - Grilled mackerel



From Sushi Bar

TAKI SUNOMONO - Octopus, cucumber, seaweed with special ponzu suace

SHRIMP SUNOMONO - Shrimp, cucumber, seaweed with special ponzu sauce

KANI SUNOMONO - Crab meat, cucumber, seaweed with special ponzu sauce

SEAFOOD SUNOMONO - Shrimp, hokki clam, octopus with special ponzu sauce

TAKO WASA - Fresh octopus with fresh wasabi sauce

TEXAS CRAB LAGOON - Crab meat, cream cheese and jalapeno deep fried in Japanese batter




SEAWEED SALAD - Green seaweed with sesame base sauce

SQUID SALAD - Smoke squid with vegetable in special sesame sauce

SASHIMI SALAD - Tuna, white fish, salmon on top of garden salad with sauce

GARDEN SALAD - House salad with special dressing
HOUSE SALAD - with ginger dressing



MISOSHIRU - Japanese soybean paste broth

ASARI MISO - Clam with Japanese soybean paste broth




CHICKEN TERIYAKI - Grilled chicken with house seasoned teriyaki sauce

BEEF TERIYAKI - Grilled beef

SALMON TERIYAKI - Grilled salmon

SHRIMP TEMPURA - 5 pieces & vegetables fried in Japanese batter

SUKI YAKI - (two persons) Seasonal

SHABU SHABU - (two persons) Seasonal

CHILEAN SEA BASS - Steamed Chilean sea bass with special sauce - Seasonal
DELUXE DINNER BOX - Served with salad and rice


Donburi (Japanese Rice Bowls)

CHICKEN TERIYAKI DON - grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce over rice
KATSU DON - fried pork cutlet with egg, vegetables and sauce over rice
BEEF TERIYAKI DON - grilled beef with teriyaki sauce over rice
OYAKO DON - sauteed chicken with eggs, vegetables and sauce over
CHICKEN or KATSU CURRY - Fried chicken or pork with Japanese curry sauce over rice
GYU DON - Sauteed beef slices with onions and special sauce over rice
TEN DON - Shrimp and vegetable tempura with sauce over rice
UNA JU - Grilled eel with sauce over rice
OMU RICE - Japanese rice omelet with chicken and tomato sauce



Noodles - Udon & Soba

SEAFOOD YAKI UDON or SOBA - Fried Japanese flour noodles with shrimp, scallops, crab meat, squid and vegetables
ZARU SOBA - served cold, Japanese buckwheat noodles with wasabi and green onions
CHA SOBA - served cold, Traditional Japanese noodles with quail egg, wasabi and sea weed

NABEYAKI UDON - Noolde soup with shrimp tempura, fish cake, chicken, mushrooms and vegetables
TEMPURA UDON - Japanese noodled soup with shrimp Tempura and vegetables

TSKUKIMI UDON - Egg, fish cake and green onion soup with noodles
KITSUNE UDON - Fried tofu skin, fish cake and green onion soup with noodles
PORK RAMEN - Pork, egg with special ramen soup



Sushi & Sashimi

SUSHI A - Cucumber roll with tuna, white fish, hokki clam, smelt egg tamago, shrimp and salmon sushi

SUSHI B - Tuna roll with white fish, yellow tail, hokki clam, shrimp, squid, salmon egg & tomago sushi

SUSHI C - California roll, spicy tuna, roll, and Cajun roll

SUSHI & SASHIMI - 8 pieces assorted sushi, 3 pieces tuna, 2 pieces white fish and 2 pieces of salmon sashimi

3 KINDS OF SASHIMI - Tuna, yellow tail, salmon 

5 KINDS OF SASHIMI- Tuna, yellow tail, salmon, white fish & octopus

10 KINDS OF SASHIMI - Tuna, yellow tail, white fish, salmon, squid, sweet shrimp, salmon egg, octopus, surf clam, albacore



Sushi Don - Served with Salad

CHIRASHI - 9 different kinds of fish over sushi rice

UNI DON - Sea urchin over sushi rice

TUNA YAMAKAKE DON - Tuna with Japanese yam over sushi rice

TEKKA DON - Tuna over sushi rice

MASA'S SPECIAL DON - 13 different kinds of fish over sushi rice



Tuna Lover

MASA SPECIAL #1 - Tuna, cucumber, radish sprouts and avocado wrapped with rice paper served with special sauce on top

TUNA TATAKI - Thinly sliced seared tuna with special sauce

TUNA AND GREEN ONION - Lightly fried tuna, green onion with special sauce

TUNA DIP - A spicy tuna dip with jalapeno and onion served with rice cake

TUNA & AVOCADO - Diced tuna, avocado and special sauce

TUNA & TARO ROLL - Sliced Japanese yam & tuna with special sauce



Salmon Lover

MASA SPECIAL #2 - Salmon, crab meat roll with cucumber

SPICY SALMON - Salmon, onion, tomato, jalapeno and ponzu sauce

SALMON & AVOCADO - Diced Salmon, avocado with special sauce

SALMON SAVICHIE - Salmon, onion, jalapeno , tomato and cilantro served in a cocktail glass

SALMON and CAVIAR - Fish egg served on diced salmon



White Fish Lover

MASA SPECIAL #3 - sliced jalapeno, cilantro, chili sauce and yellow tail with ponzu sauce
YELLOW TAIL and CAVIAR - Yellow tail with fish egg on top
SALAD STYLE YELLOW TAIL - Yellow tail, cucumber, radish sprouts and mountain carrots in a cup
YELLOW TAIL TATAKI - Thinly sliced seared yellow tail served with ponzu sauce



Vegetarian Lover

VEGETABLE ROLL and 5 KINDS OF VEGETABLE NIGIRI - Shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, kaiware, avocado and egg
KANPY ROLL and 7 KINDS OF VEGETABLE NIGIRI - Shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, kaiware, inari, avocado,  egg and yam



The Woodland's Rolls

THE WOODLANDS - Cucumber, smelt egg, crab meat, with tuna & avocado on top

PANTHER CREEK - Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, smelt egg with sweet sauce

STERLING RIDGE - Deep fried white fish, cucumber, radish sprouts and avocado

RESEARCH FOREST - Spicy tuna, tomato, smelt egg on California roll with spicy sauce

INDIAN SPRINGS - Baked California roll with salmon and sweet sauce on top

COCHRAN'S CROSSING - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, crab meat, with sweet sauce

CARLTON WOODS - Fried crawfish or scallops with spicy sauce, smelt eggs and mushrooms on top of a California roll

GROGAN'S MILL - Shrimp tempura & cream cheese roll with smoked salmon on top

ALDEN BRIDGE - Breaded & deep fried potato with tempura shrimp



Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.


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