"We have discussed in columns past some of the cultural influences that contribute to Vietnamese cuisine: French, East Indian and Chinese for starters. This explains why you can find creme brulee and chicken satay on the menus of some Vietnamese restaurants.  Lemongrass Bistro carries both those delights and many more worthy of your time and taste buds. On North Academy Boulevard just south of the Woodmen Road intersection, this bit of Southeast Asia provides a welcome respite from the tumultuous flow of life just outside its doors. A comforting mix of tables and booths seats more than 40 souls, and the bar looks to be a cool place to hang..." ---The Gazette, Tom Karpel-July 2006
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"Lemongrass Bistro cooks Vietnamese dishes in Technicolor. And those dishes meet sight and smell expectations. 'Sweet olfactory bliss!'... Lemongrass' excellence shone straight away with two starters: its beef lemon appetizer, a tangy mound of thin-sliced beef and onions garnished in peanuts; and vegetarian egg rolls, stuffed in typical fashion with vegetable and tofu strips, but notable for perfect crispness. Later, the vegetarian spring rolls stood out for their freshness and their delicate rice-paper wrap...Minor points aside, Lemongrass Bistro, with a clean interior, friendly staff and overall great food, is worth a stop. And then a long, deep inhale." --Colorado Springs Independent, Matthew Schniper-August 2007

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Lemongrass Bistro for Vietnamese Dining in Colorado Springs Lemongrass Bistro 6840 N. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80918 PH: 719.592.1391 FAX: 719.592.1395
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