Gabriels Northern Italian Restaurant for Fine Dining in Sedalia near Denver


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  Tuscan Bistro Menu  

Shrimp Cocktail ... small (4)  11 ... large (8)  19
jumbo shrimp / cocktail salsa / cucumber / lemon
Signature Honey Smoked Salmon 10
cold smoked King Salmon, onion, peas, corn,
bell pepper, dijonaisse, house cracker
Tenderloin Sliders  12
3 beef sliders on Hawaiian buns, American
cheese, potatoes au-gratin
Margherita Pizza  12
naan bread, garlic olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil
Bruschettas  10
tomato, onion, garlic, basil, balsamic reduction, crusotinis
Seared Ahi Tuna  19
sesame seed crusted, sweet chili cucumbers,
pickled ginger, wasabi cream, sweet soy sauce
Calamari  14
fried calamari strips, lemon, spicy marinara


Sedalia Burger  15

ground filet mignon, dijonaisse, caramelized onions, chef's
daily side
Substitute: side dish to chef's soup, a small mixed greens or small caesar salad +1
Add Cheese:  Choice of gorgonzola +1, mozzarella +1
, smoked gouda +1
american +1,
Add:  two strips of bacon +1

Pork Shanks  15
port wine reduction potato rosette
Shrimp Scampi  19
sauteed jumbo shrimp, white wine garlic
buerre blanc, fettuccini pomodoro
Chef's Ravioli  14
chef's ravioli of the day
Chicken Alfredo  19
organic chicken, spinach, artichoke heart,
onion, fettuccine alfredo
Chicken Parmigiana or Chicken Piccata  14
organic boneless breast, pasta primavera,
Choice of:  marinara with mozzarella ~OR~
buerre blanc with capers
Beef Stroganoff  15
Sauteed filet tips, mushroom, onion, garlic
cream sauce, Spanish paprika, fettuccine
Wild Mushroom Linguini  17
oyster, shiitake, crimini & portobello mushroom,
artichoke hearts, spinach, garlic, onion, linguini, marinara


Soup  ...  cup 3.59  ...  bowl 6.50

served with garlic bread

Caesar  9
romaine, parmesan, roasted red bell pepper, house croutons
Spring Salad  9
One Town Spring Mix of Larkspur, Colorado
parmesan, granny smith apples, toasted almonds,
lemon honey vinaigrette  9
Basket of Garlic Bread  4

Add grilled chicken to any salad 6

Available only in the Lounge and outdoor Patio.

Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.

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Gabriel's Northern Italian Restaurant, 5450 Manhart Ave. (Hwy 67), Sedalia, CO 80135
Phone 303.688.2323
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