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Saumon Raifort- San Diego Restaurants Roasted salmon fillet at Chez Loma  

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SHRIMP COCKTAIL  tomato, citrus, horseradish, pico de gall, avocado 11


CAESAR  romaine, anchoves, parmigiano reggiano 10
THREE BEETS  yellow, striped and red, thyme vinaigrette, Bucheron goat cheese 11
FRISEE LARDON  poached eggs, frisee lettuce, bacon, croutons 12


Sandwiches and Saute

PANCAKES  Strawberries, lemon zest, maple syrup 11
CROQUE MONSIEUR  toasted ham & cheese, sourdough, Mornay sauce 12
CROQUE MADAM  toasted ham & cheese, sourdough, Mornay sauce topped with a fried egg 13
FRENCH BISTRO DIP  Gruyere, horseradish, beef jus 13
MUSSLES A LA MARINIERE  shallots, white wine, parsley, pomme frites  12.75
STEAK & FRIES  bavette steak, shallots, pomme frites 16.55
HOUSE BURGER  blue cheese, mixed greens, bacon, egg bun, pomme frites 14
DUCK TACOS  roasted duck, avocado cream, fontina cheese, spicy sauce 15



RANCHEROS  two over easy eggs, tomatillo sauce, tomato sauce, tortilla, black beans 10.95
OMELET  asparagus, shallots, goat cheese, salad 10.95
CHILAQUILES  queso fresco, tortilla strips, guajillo sauce, sour cream 11.95
--  add 2 fried eggs $2
BENEDICT  poached eggs, English muffin, artisanal ham, hollandaise sauce 12.95
--  substitute for smoked salmon $2


Coffee, Drinks & Desserts

OJ, Tomato, Grapefruit 2.95
Mimosa 8
Bloody Mary 8
Chocolate Milk 2.95
Coffee 2.95
Espresso 4
Cappuccino 5
CREME BRULEE  french custard 5
GINGERBREAD  orange-caramel sauce 5
RED WINE PEARS  orange mascarpone 5
MERINGUE  soft baked, creme anglaise 5

All Menu Items and Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


Main Menu Page    Dinner


Chez Loma 1132 Loma Avenue Coronado, CA 92118
Phone 619.435.0661

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