Cafe Sistina Italian Restaurant for Dining in Honolulu.

Cafe Sistina Italian Cuisine
in First Interstate Building
1314 King St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Phone: 808.596.0061

Diners share good times and delicious cuisine at Cafe Sistina Italian Restaurant in Honolulu.


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Caprese Salad, Frutti Di Mare (Seafood) with Black Fettuccine, and Affettati Misti (a trio of Italian specialties).


Lunch: Mon-Fri, 11:30 am-2 pm
Sun-Thurs: 5:30 - 9:30 pm
Fri-Sat: 5:30 - 10:00 pm
AmEx, MasterCard, VISA, Diner's Club and JCB
Full Bar:
Cocktails, imported and domestic beer.
Wine List:
Over 30 domestic and Italian  wines that complement the cuisine, including about 20 wines by the glass..
Private Dining & Catering:
Perfect for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The side room seats up to 20 guests. Groups up to 40 can be accommodated on one side of the dining room. Groups of 80 for a buyout.
Live Music:
After 10 pm on weekends. Schedule varies.
Validated, in the Interstate Building
Take Out Available


Fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomato, basil, garlic
and extra virgin olive oil, balsamic. 8.75
Bruschetta Pomodoro
Grilled bread rubbed with garlic, covered with chopped tomato,
basil, and extra virgin olive oil. 6.50
Funghi con Polenta
Italian cremeni mushrooms, porcini, in a Gorgonzola sauce over polenta. 8.75
Oven Roasted Eggplant
Large round eggplant roasted with garlic, covered with tomato,
basil and marinated feta cheese. 8.75
Prosciutto de Parma
Imported cured Parma ham over slices of smoked mozzarella  10.75
Caprese di Melanzane
Marinated slices of zesty eggplant with fresh mozzarella.
This is my grandmother's recipe. 9.50
Large Antipasto Misto
A palette of Italian color and flavors, with prosciutto,
salami, scamorza cheese and frittata.  13.75
Thinly sliced lean beef dressed with our original Venetian sauce with shaved imported Parmesian. 11.75


Verde Della Casa
Mixed romaine lettuce and organic baby greens. With balsamic vinaigrette. 6.75
Insalata Nizzarda
Organic mixed greens, tuna, egg, Greek olives, Caper, cucumbers and anchovies. 10.25
Insalata Contadina
Farmer's salad with mixed greens, grilled vegetables, Frittata, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. 10.75
Insalata Greca
Greek salad with cucumber, tomato, mixed greens, Kalamatta olives and feta cheese, oregano vinaigrette. 10.25
Organic Baby Greens
Mixed baby greens with arugola, cremeni mushrooms, Bellpepper, sweet onions, mango vinaigrette. 9.75
Caeser Salad
Made in the kitchen with all the right ingredients. An award winner! 9.75

The Classics

"From my Grandma's Kitchen"
Spaghetti Al Pomodoro
Classic marinara sauce with garlic, fresh tomatos and basil. 12.75
Linguine Al Pesto
Traditional and home made with extra virgin olive oil,
parmesan cheese, basil, garlic and pine nuts. 13.50
Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Extra virgin olive oil, extra garlic,
anchovies and a touch of chili pepper. 12.75
Spinach Penne in Caponata
Oven roasted zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper,
onion, olives in a light tomato sauce 14.75
Eggplant Parmigiana
Layers of grilled eggplant, smoked mozzarella,
tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. 14.75
Linguine Puttanesca
Kalamata olives, garlic, onions, capers,
and anchovies in a zesty tomato sauce. 14.50
Ragu Bolognese
Traditional ground roasted meats with herbs and
tomato sauce, served with fettuccine. 14.75
Linguine Carbonara
Typical Roman dish with bacon, peas, mushrooms,
egg, and a lot of parmesan (no cream). 13.75
Salciccia Al Chianti
Home made Italian sausage sauteed with onions
and garlic in a zesty wine tomato sauce. 14.75
Penne Arrabiata
Bacon and mushrooms in a very spicy tomato sauce
with basil and parmesan cheese. 13.75
Penne ai Porcini
Great vegetarian choice ... spinach penne in a
wild porcini and forest mushroom sauce. 14.75
Meat Lasagna
Sistina's special layers of pasta, roasted lean meat,
tomato sauce and cheese (no cream). 14.75
"From my Mother's Kitchen"
Pollo Limone
Chicken breast sauteed with cremeni mushrooms
and capers in a zesty lemon wine sauce, linguine. 15.75
Pollo Checca
Chicken breast sauteed with tomato and basil
in a garlic sauce with penne. 15.75
Pollo Gorgonzola
Tender chicken breast, pancetta and mushrooms
in a pink gorgonzola whiskey sauce with penne. 16.75
Pollo Porcini
Tender Chicken breast sauteed with garlic and onions in
an Italian wild mushroom sauce. 16.75
Penne Melanzane
Olive oil, onions, garlic, eggplant and basil in a light
tomato sauce with fresh mozzarella  14.75
Scampi Limone
Shrimp sauteed with mushrooms in a zesty lemon
butter wine sauce with capers, linguine. 16.25
Scampi Checca
Shrimp sauteed caprese's style with olive oil,
in a tomato basil garlic sauce with linguine. 16.25
Frutti di Mare
Opakapaka, shrimp, calamari, shellfish in a
light tomato sauce with fettuccine  19.75
Scampi Alla Vodka
Shrimp sauteed with manilla clams in a caper's
vodka sauce with gorgonzola, spinach fettuccine 17.25
Scampi Rosso Verde Nero
Shrimp sauteed with red and green bell peppers
in aglio oilio garlic sauce with black spaghetti 17.50
Veal Porcini 22.50  Veal Barolo 22.75
Veal scaloppine sauteed with Italian wild Veal scaloppine
sauteed with pancetta, onions, mushrooms and fresh herbs
in a unique piedmont style barolo sauce.
Veal Piccata 21.50  Veal Milanese 21.75
The classic of the veal dishes, scaloppine sauteed breaded veal
sauteed in olive oil and served in a butter caper lemon wine sauce with Milanese risotto.
Veal Marsala 22.50  Veal Bolognese 23.75
Veal scaloppine sauteed with mushrooms in a breaded veal sauteed
in butter and topped with butter marsala wine sauce,
mozzarella and prosciutto in a pink sauce.
"My Own Original Kitchen Signature Dishes"
Lobster Ravioli 18.25   Mushroom Ravioli 16.75
Lobster filled ravioli in a pink butter porcini raviolis in light sauce with
fresh herbs vermouth sauce with chopped shrimp and melted smoked scamorza cheese.
Mare Valenciana
A tribute to Spanish paella, seafood, shellfish, chicken,
chorizo, bell pepper, black spaghetti. 19.75
Opakapaka Mediterranea
Filets sauteed with onions, capers, tomato greek olives,
and basil with spinach egg fettuccine  17.75
Risotto Nero Veneziana
Arborio black squid ink risotto with calamari, shrimp,
clams, onions and bell peppers. 16.75
Spicy Tutto Mare
Opakapaka, shrimp, calamari and shellfish in an
exotic spicy sauce over risotto. 19.75
Venison Ragu Pappardelle
Fresh wide ribbon pasta sauteed in butter and
sage topped with a venison ragu.  18.50
Gnocchi Gorgonzola
Potato dumpling, asparagus, in a zesty pink Gorgonzola sauce with walnuts. 15.75
Piedmont Style Risotto
Meats or vegetarian mushroom risotto with a traditional
truffle oil accent, no tomato.  16.75
Gorgonzola Ravioli
Chicken breast sauteed with red bell peppers, asparagus and
eggplant in a pink sweet chili pesto sauce. 17.25
Marguez Funghi E Polenta
Moroccan spicy lamb sausage with forest mushrooms
in a spinach sauce over polenta  16.75
Gnocchi Boar Sausage
Wild boar sausage sauteed with herbs, porcini in a barolo wine sauce
with gnocchi. 17.50

Dessert "Dolci"

Creme Brulee Cheesecake
Mochaccino Cheese Brulee
Raspberry White Chocolate Cheese Brulee
Passionberry Duo
layered refreshing wild berry mousse
Hazelnut Craquant
bittersweet chocolate sponge layered with chocolate praline craquant & hazelnut mousse.
Our house specialty.
Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut) ... Pistachio ... White Chocolate Ginger
Kona Coffee ... Vanilla Bean ... Spumoni
Sorbetti (Italian Sorbet)
Lychee, Mango, Lilikoi, Pear Chianti, Lemon
Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.
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