Café Pesto for Dining in Kawaihae on the Big Island Hawaii

Café Pesto
Kawaihae Center, Ste 101
on the Big Island
Kawaihae, Hawaii 96743
Phone: 808.882.1071
Fax: 808.882.1459

Dine at Café Pesto in Kawaihae on the Big Island Hawaii.


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Volcano Mist Salad, Lokelani Pizza, and Wok Fired Shrimp & Scallops on Pad Thai Noodles.


Lunch & Dinner Daily:
11 am - 9 pm
Full Bar & Lounge:
World famous MaiTai's and Lilikoi Margaritas, martinis, and local micro-brewed beer.
Wine List:
 Select wines by the glass.
Children's Menu
Take Out Available:
-- all menu items
Sorry, we do not accept reservations.
Groups & Catering:
For special occasions, we can accommodate groups up to 100. Catering services also available.
All Major Credit Cards
Classic French baguette toasted with a fresh basil-garlic butter  4.95
Freshly baked pizza bread with your choice of:
herbed Big Island goat cheese, fresh rosemary gorgonzola or Greek olive pesto 5.95
Shrimp "Half Moon" Nachos
Crispy Asian style chips topped with smoked mozzarella, split jumbo
shrimp, cilantro sour cream, a mild chili dressing and Big Island corn relish 14.95
Coconut-Crusted Calamari
Accented with a honey mustard-mango dipping sauce  14.95
Crab Quesadilla
An open face petite pizza with cilantro pesto, blended cheeses,
chipotle salsa and sweet blue crab meat  12.95
Smoked Salmon Pizzette
A petite pizza with rosemary gorgonzola, fresh spinach and local
sweet onions  12.95

SOUPS & Island Fresh SALADS

Soup Special of the Day
Wild Greens Salad
An eclectic blend of locally grown organic baby lettuces, cucumbers,
julienne carrots, sweet local onions, kalamata olives & vine-ripened tomatoes. 7.95
Pacific Crab Cake Salad
Light and crispy, served with honey-miso vinaigrette, baby greens,
pickled namasu  15.95
Grilled Fresh Catch Salad
A refreshing combination of Island fish over organic baby lettuces and
 a light sesame citrus vinaigrette.  Market Price
Chicken Lolla Rosa
Grilled chicken, organic baby greens tossed with a fresh cilantro
dressing, local sweet onions and vine-ripened tomatoes  15.95
Greek Pasta Salad
Fettuccine enhanced with black olives, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes,
sweet peppers, marinated artichokes and feta cheese  12.95
Volcano Mist
Delicate greens, organic Waimea tomatoes and smoky mozzarella,
drizzled with a citrus balsamic vinaigrette, garnished with
Madam Pele crispy local onion rings. 12.95
Blue Caesar Salad
Crisp hearts of Big Island baby romaine, anchovy buttered croutons and
if you dare, Gorgonzola  7.95 / 13.95
Seared "Poke" with Spinach
Sesame-soy marinated Ahi with green onions, and our signature
tamarind honey vinaigrette.  Market Price
Thai Curry Shrimp
Chili grilled shrimp over chilled fettuccine in a red curry vinaigrette
combined with spinach, red onions  16.95
House Dressings: Creamy Pesto, Rosemary Gorgonzola, Herbed Garlic Vinaigrette,
Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar



Salmon Alfredo
Delicate fettuccine, smoked salmon, shiitake mushrooms, sun-dried
tomatoes, spinach, fresh parmesan, light cream  22.95
Linguine al Pesto
Grilled smoked chicken-apple sausage, vine-ripened tomatoes,
roasted tomato-basil marinara  18.95
Wok Fired Shrimp & Scallops
Wilted Island spinach, sugar snap peas and baby bok choy
over pad Thai noodles. Tossed in a coconut red curry
with roasted macadamia nuts 29.95
Pacific Island Seafood Risotto
Black tiger shrimp, tender scallops, fresh local fish, petite split
Hawaiian lobster tail, melded with Arborio rice in a Thai
sweet chili cream 38.95
Something Hearty
Big Island beef & pork meatballs, served over linguine, tossed
in a spicy roasted pepper marinara with mushroom, spinach
& caramelized onions  22.95
Mango Glazed Chicken
Char broiled organic chicken breast, Mango chutney, Thai jasmine
rice, sauteed local vegetables and Pahoa corn relish  22.95
"Hibachi Style" Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs, chipotle barbeque sauce. With Thai Jasmine rice,
and sauteed local vegetables.  26.95



Served with soup or salad 19.95
Chipotle barbeque chicken breast, cilantro pesto, red onions,
Big Island goat cheese and a Tahitian lime coulis
Prosciutto ham, fresh mushrooms and grainy Dijon mustard
Spinach, black olives, feta cheese, tri-colored bell peppers
East West
Sweet Japanese eggplant, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes
and rosemary gorgonzola sauce



9" and 12" Classically Prepared - Creatively Presented
Quattro Formaggi
Simple and rustic, with fresh herbs, basil marinara, and
blended cheeses 9.95 / 12.95
Italian sausage, dry salami, pepperoni and red onion
13.95 / 20.95
Pizza Luau
Kalua-style pork, local sweet onions and fresh Hawaiian
pineapple 13.95 / 20.95
Oriental al Pesto
Fresh basil pesto, roasted garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and
Japanese eggplant  13.95 / 20.95
Wild Mushrooms & Artichokes
Fresh shiitake and oyster mushrooms, artichokes and
rosemary gorgonzola sauce  13.95 / 20.95
Fresh cilantro pesto, chipotle barbeque chicken, red onions,
Big Island goat cheese  13.95 / 20.95
Chili Grilled Shrimp
Chili seasoned large shrimp over cilantro crème fraîche,
shiitake mushrooms and green onions 13.95 / 20.95
Greek Pizza
Calamata olive pesto, sweet peppers, rich Bulgarian
feta, finished with fresh spinach  13.95 / 20.95
Big Island B.L.T.
Sliced vine ripe tomatoes on creamy pesto, crispy prosciutto ham,
baby romaine and parmesan garnish  13.95 / 20.95
A light cheese pizza with basil pesto, vine-ripened tomatoes,
spinach, and gorgonzola crumbles 13.95 /20.95



Start with our Quattro Formaggi   9.95 / 12.95
Now begin your culinary creation...
Fresh Roasted Garlic, Black Olives,
Japanese Eggplant, Jalapenos,
Red Onions, Fresh Spinach, Sweet
Local Onions, Fresh Pineapple, Thick Crust,
Basil Pesto or Black Olive Tapenade
Anchovy, Sundried Tomatoes,
Sweet Bell Peppers, Pepperoni,
Dry Salami, Fresh Mushrooms,
Smoked Ham, Italian Sausage
Extra Cheese
Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Prosciutto
Ham, Gorgonzola Cheese, Oriental
Mushrooms, Feta Cheese, Chipotle
Barbeque Chicken, Vine Ripened Tomatoes,
Kalua-Style Smoked Pork or Turkey
Chicken-Apple Sausage
Marinated Chicken Breast,
Blue Crab,
Smoked Salmon,
Asian Tiger Shrimp,
Hamakua Goat Cheese


Sandwiches include Molokai Sweet Potato Salad. 
(Sandwiches with soup or wild green salad, add 4.50)
Fresh Island Fish
Today's "fresh catch" with parsley dressing, lettuce,
vine-ripened tomatoes on French bread of fajita. Market Price
Garlic basted shrimp, pacific crab, sliced mushrooms,
blended cheeses on French bread  14.95
Japanese eggplant, marinated artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes,
rosemary gorgonzola on French bread  10.95
Smoked Ham
Thinly sliced smoked ham, fresh mushrooms, dijon mustard,
blended cheeses on French bread  10.95
Grilled Chicken Fajita
Fajita wrapped, lean strips of chicken, charred peppers,
onions and garlic  11.95
Warm kalua turkey sandwich, wilted spinach, caramelized onions,
poha berry-mango chutney on a garlic basted French roll  10.95
Pesto Cheeseburger
Freshly ground "free range" Island beef crowned with melted
smoked mozzarella and Madame Pele's onion crisp.
Served with creamy pesto, vine ripe tomatoes,
organic greens and herb garlic steak fries  11.95
Baked fresh daily by our pastry chefs.
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake
with macadamia nut cookie crust
Hot Keanakolu Apple Crisp
Freshly sliced apples and a macadamia nut crumb topping
Chocolate torte with raspberry puree
Crème Brulée
With fresh seasonal fruit preserves
Warm Coconut Tart
Sweet cream anglaise
Macadamia Nut Cookies
With dark chocolate chunks
Big Island Tropical Island Made Ice Cream & Sorbet
Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.
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