Blue Adobe Santa Fe Grille for New Mexico Dining in Scottsdale  
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The Blue Adobe Grille is an upscale restaurant and features a combination of New Mexico style dishes, along with Southwestern fare. The establishment differentiates the food with “blue plate” offerings of Southwestern cooking, while the “adobe plates” highlight food from New Mexico...While the 'typical' style of Mexican food in the Valley is Sonoran, [Managing Partner] Jose Leyva said New Mexican style is a variation of that type. There are enchiladas, tacos and burros, but with flavors more common in New Mexico. Smoky flavors of cumin and chipotle chiles are popular, as are Hatch (N.M.) chiles. Cilantro also is a favorite flavor in New Mexico." --Arizona Sentinel-Let's Go

Blue Adobe Grille, 10885 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259
Phone 480.314.0550 ... Fax 480.314.0543

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