Stuffed Breast of Chicken in the 3660 Medley Masago Arare Ahi Steak in the 3660 Medley Medallion of Beef Tenderloin in the 3660 Medley  

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"3660" MEDLEY   Oven roasted chicken breast, Asian BBQ sauce, catch of the day, grilled fillet of beef tenderloin, ginger shiitake jus, yuzu hollandaise  50.00

MASAGO ARARE CRUSTED FILLET OF SCOTTISH SALMON   Tomato and grape salad, pickled Maui onions, Yuzu butter sauce, burgundy pepper emulsion  32.50

LAND AND SEA   Fire roasted tenderloin of beef, ginger shiitake jus, Yuzu hollandaise and buttered braised lobster with Hacho miso nage  59.00

OVEN ROASTED MARINATED BREAST OF CHICKEN   Crispy fried risotto orbs, seasoned cucumbers, Asian BBQ glaze  28.00/20.00

CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF NEW YORK STEAK ALAEA  Pan Seared with Garlic, Hawaiian Salt and Butter, Crisp Onions  35.00

FIRE ROASTED LONG ISLAND DUCK BREAST   Whole Leg of Confit, Burgundy honey reduction, apple smoked bacon and Kahuku corn potato cake   33.00

CHINESE STEAMED FILLET OF FRESH FISH   Lightly Seared and Simmered in a Chinese Black Bean Broth   34.50
Let your server know if you prefer a smaller portion ... 25.50

GRILLED FILET OF BEEF TENDERLOIN   Soy Szechuan peppercorn marinated, Waialua asparagus, mixed mushrooms saute, ginger shiitake jus, Yuzu hollandaise  44.50
Let your server know if you prefer a smaller portion ... 29.00


Let your server know if you prefer a smaller portion ... 24.50

VEGETARIAN ENTREE OF THE EVENING   Our Chef's Special Creation   25.00

SOY MARINATED BUTTERFISH   Vegetable ribbons, Shimeji mushrooms, white truffle dashi nage  34.00


Pasta with Tillamook Cheddar, Cream & Applewood Smoked Bacon, Truffled Crumb Topping ... 8.75

Grilled Waialua Asparagus, Truffle Hollandaise Sauce ... 8.25

Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.

Main Menu Page Temptations Features Sweet Endings

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